Our Commitment to Excellence in Aged Care

Personalised Care Plans for Every Resident

Maurice Zeffert Home is a leading provider of aged care services in Perth, WA. We are committed to delivering quality, person-centred aged care for those who are no longer able to manage by themselves.

We offer a range of personalised aged care options designed to meet the unique needs of our residents. With high and low residential aged care options, a specialised wing for those living with dementia and independent living at our Retirement Village, all set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens.

Flexible Aged Care Tailored to Suit Your Individual Needs

Comprehensive Wellness Services

Our Wellness Centre offers a full spectrum of essential services to support residents’ health and vitality. From occupational therapy to dental treatment, our team of health professionals, including physiotherapists, speech therapists, dietitians, optometrists, audiologists, podiatrists, and other therapy providers, ensures personalised care and convenience under one roof.

Our Aged Care Accommodation

Start Your Aged Care Journey With Us

Maurice Zeffert Home is synonymous with excellence in aged care in Perth, Western Australia. Our commitment to quality, compassion, and community makes us the preferred choice. Whether you are looking for residential aged care homes, nursing homes or other aged care accommodation, Maurice Zeffert Home is here to provide the care and support you or your loved ones deserve.